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Humans and Its Technological Civilization on Blue Planet Earth in Ligth of Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) Technology

Humans & Its Technological Civilization on Blue Planet Earth
In Light Of
Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) Technology
A Brain Based Covert Electronics Psychology Warfare Technology


About Author
Books Objectives
Review of Human from Universe scale perspective
Review of Human Society Technology Civilisation Effort
Homosipians Brains Neural Circuit Analysis that Certain Persons misuse technology irrespective of level of formal education
Review of Humans Warfare Methods and Where it is Headed
Covert Brain based Warfare based on Electronics and Psychology
General Review of Open Society Brain Technologies and Lessons for Them
Introduction to newly affected on Covert Satellite Brain Interfacing Technology Remote Neural Monitoring
Interpretation of Success of Remote Neural Monitoring for Government, Judiciary, Human Right Activist and Technology Civilization Planners and its implication on other technology
Possible Check and Balance on Satellite Based Remote Neural Monitoring
Appendix I John St. Clair Akwai v/s NSA
Appendix II Will Filer Whistleblowing on Psyops
Appendix II Robert G Malech Patent

About Author
Neptune, an avatar on internet, social and other forums , blogging and micro blogging tools, who wish to be remain anonymous due to security and other concerns associated with writing on subject which is a covert technology.

Disclaimer : The subject of covert Brain based electronic warfare Remote Neural Monitoring is full of false planted information on who, where, what and how, which I call high noise data. This is rule of game.
Lack of knowledge among those affected by it also creates difficult situation, as it is like a team of blinds telling how elephants looks like, depending on the part they are exploring. However, all what they say is also not false, it is their local observation. Their eye may not be working, but their sense of touch, relative position is working fine, which can be used to have a sketch of Elephant void only of color.
The content of this work is based under these conditions and it is as perceived situation and facts with full attempt to take out planted data and make a picture out of it. Its facts and content needs to be verified again and again till a solid picture emerge.
The author, thus, are not liable to any damages or penalty arising out or use of this information and content. It is author’s best effort to give picture as seen by the author and as given to author by interaction with others or from whistleblower account on various other medium.
Furthermore, the views expressed are transformational in nature and not it is not intention to hurt sentiments and readers are advised to have open mind as the author considers that humanity is still in transitional journey and its ability to be open minded, subject to change management of individual and society will see humanity achieving greater heights.
Most of graphics has been picked from internet and author thanks to those who made these.

Books Objectives

The objective of this work is multilevel. Brain is at the center of research in past decades and getting accelerated during this decades and will mature in coming decades and it has impact on the way we live, do things, in peace and in war.

1.       Bring general awareness on how covert technologies can be developed, operated for decades without Government, Law Enforcement system able to detect it, power of Electronics and Psychology which leaves no evidence,  or if any evidence left, the person is manipulated sufficiently that it is not a risk. Its general impact as we build technology civilisation to higher level of technologies excellence. Including, our plan to make settlement on other planets with faulty human neural circuits which despite formal education use technology and fund for destruction of society. This takes the question to the point whether humanity should submit themselves for modifications and evolutions just like wolf were domesticated (ethical as per current social setup) or should agree for DNA modifications (unethical, or playing with Gods design in current social setup). 10000 being good does not help, 10 out of them being bad creates a bad situation.
2.       Introduction to budding students/researcher/academicians trying to make career in Brain Computer Interfaces, its use and misuse.
3.       Bring awareness in Brain Technologist, Electronic Warfare Technologist and those working on emerging technologies like Biotech, Molecular Biology, and Synthetic Life for example, on how to prevent technology use against society. Again 10000 being good does not help, 10 out of them being bad creates a bad situation. Should researchers also report covert movement in their publications in some way as Government, Judicial System and Lawmaker depends on their input?
4.       Introduction to those who get affected by this technology with terms and situation on ground.
5.       Introduction to some innovative way, counter psyops, of handling Gang Stalking with covert Electronic Brain Interfacing Technologies. The electronics is so sophisticated that it is beyond open society technologists.
6.       Lessons for Government, Judicial System, Lawmaker and Technology Civilisation Planners on covertness of technology where funds, technologist and faulty homocipian brain circuitry can create unprecedented situation.
7.       Counter psyops will be also useful for nations, defence, intelligence and law makers, if the RNM technology changes its hand and/or changes its strategy after say fulfilment of its basic objective, financial situation or management change.
8.       Similarly it is useful for corporate dealing with confidential product or competition information to handle, if they detect technology of this nature being used on them.
9.       This work can also be starting point for those who do research on criminology and other human faculties. This is an outlier work analyzing for them and a great subject of research. Our open society technologist in electronics, satellite and brain could not solve this, but there is an open item for the researcher of criminology and other human faculties to try their skills.  Technology can be perfected but humans will be humans only.

Review of Human from Universe scale perspective

Without getting into exact description, science says universe originated with Big Bang some 13.9 billion years ago from yet unknown type of energy source. At 10 followed by -43 seconds it was very small, less than proton and at very high temperature of about 10 followed by 32 Kelvin (Centigrade = Kelvin-273). Space and Time originated with this. What was before Big Bang is not known. This then in fraction of time made photons, quarks and leptons and then nuclei of hydrogen and helium and lithium. Light cannot travel till this time. At age of 300 000 years temperature dropped and atoms of hydrogen and helium formed. Light can travel now and radiation from this is cosmic back ground radiation. Under gravity this started forming galaxies and star. Fusion in stars made lots of elements. There are more than 108 elements like hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, iron. Explosion of stars made planets around them from these elements under gravity and earth is one of them which happened 4.6 billions years ago. Under certain situations carbon formed complex molecules like DNA and Lipids and cells formed and life originated around 3.5 billions years ago. This evolved for billions of years to forms millions of life forms. Humans originated some 6 million years ago in Africa and mutated to form different colour of skin, hair and eye and features as they moved and populated around the globe, creating many languages, community, culture, religions, food habits and tools in area which was in physical limits of time. Since last 400 years through science and technology they understand universe and life the way described above and are a worldwide connected technology community with Aeroplanes, Ships, Internet, Telecommunications etc.

Images of Galaxies, earth from moon and blue planet earth from space

Review of Human Society Technology Civilisation Effort

From the time of invention of fire and wheel, humans are trying to use technology. This happened in food production, pottery, carpentry, animal domestication, metal processing in general terms.

This got accelerated with around 400 years back and is accelerating under science and technology – Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Mathematics, Biology; Various fields of engineering – Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Communications, Chemical, Computers, Information Technology, Aeronautics, Biotech etc and numerous sub branches of it.; Medical Science and number of sub branch of these.

While Religion has been based on what brain produced and based on faith - Divinity, Enlightment, Son of God, Avtar & Tithankars, the above fields were based on observations, analysis, hypothesis, testing and theory and applications. Both of these co-existed, probably based on foresight of founders of science not to conflict with Religion despite many conflicting issues. The reason of this is that while Science and Technology became dynamic and has transformed materialistic life and accept criticism; Religion is on 100% belief with low or nil tolerance of criticism and has primarily remained based on thousands of years understanding of Universe and Life.  On positive side Religion has done a great work in society team building including culture and festivals and guiding humanity in good and bad, who we are, how the world looks like and got created, at large when time was dark despite it’s certain things not standing well with time.

Science & Technology has not focussed on explaining up and down, good and bad side of life. Astrology, a brave multi generation attempt by human who used to monitor planetary movement and tried to associate it with what is going on earth, turned out to be a low probability mode, i.e. one out of may be billion will be right. The approach was based on observation, analysis, modelling, prediction and prevention, the approach our new analytics technology under name of Big Data Analytics is doing, absolutely systematic. Current scientific understanding does not explain this but it may pick up once we have better understanding on string theory or things like that, the way material is influenced.

Humans are hunting for Gods presence in its body and found it in its heart like a divine glow.
Now it has moved to its reproduction system - testicals and ovaries and these part has become DIVINE a new tough lesson for human society. Love has moved from heart to neural circuit so does feeling of Nirvana, Thithakars, Divinity and feeling of son of God, spirit. It is no longer in blood; it is in neural circuit through chemical information system called DNA.

Old interpretation of associating human body with heavenly object and heavenly object in earthly form is being redefined with new knowledge of anatomy and astronomy.

Knowledge preachers of past time are brought to today’s world or their brain simulated will produce teachings very different from those preached thousands of years back. There is need for a new force to learn lesson from past, take good points, and correct. However, homosipians are not good at it and its change management and society delearning is very difficult.

Under this background, human society’s technology civilisation is evolving on blue planet earth.

Homosipians Brains Neural Circuit Analysis that Certain Persons misuse technology irrespective of level of formal education

From its evolution, homosipians have got Brain Neural Circuits which uses technology for destruction and ill purpose. For example, computer virus!!

Human adult brain is around 1.2 kilogram and has around 100 billion neurons, which makes trillions of connections. The brain is has multiple cortex’s like for audio cortex for listening, visual cortex for images and video, motor cortex for movements and around 28 of them. They have are interrelated.

Current, very small, passes through neural circuits in form of action potential.

There is as much electricity generated in brain that it can light one bulb.

These neural circuits’ points to pleasure or pain point based on which dance is enacted on blue planet earth.

At basic human level experience this give rise to things described below. Brain is source of our thoughts, emotions, perceptions, actions, and memories.

A hardwired thing in your brain is something which is there in brain as part of you operating system like Windows or Android or iOS. Some of these are,

Love, Compassion, Greed, Affection, Generosity

Smile Feeling Associated with Crying when you see something touches you

Feelings of Loneliness at death of near and dear

Revenge, Anger

Inquiring, Questioning, Curiosity

Our respiratory system control

Digestive system control

Heart system to some extent

Image of girl/female in boy/male and boy/male in girl/female for triggering feelings associated with sex

Image video text recognition, sound recognition, smell recognition

Creativity Innovation Rationality Logic

Then there are things associated with plasticity/soft wiring at basic human level

Learning/Delearning – text, voice, smell, touch, images, videos

Logic, Rationality

Random thought generation


Motor Cortex Related: Swimming, Cycling, Typing, Skating – once learned not forgotten

Other Motor Cortex Related: Walking, Dancing, Playing Cricket

Some of them you know is happening like thought, but you do not know many other. Even thought gets processed in brain part of which you are not aware before it comes to you.

Something you can control, others you cannot control.

And many more, you already know or recollect them.

There are something which is there in all humans but some aspect are in specific individuals. Humans, as seen from far universe, is one who makes rule governing universe, but a closer look suggest there are only numbered who do that. The estimated 7 billion human populations is sitting on different level of knowledge, happiness and material prosperity, some at peak, some at false peak, some at ground, some in deep creek.

There are interrelations with them and external simulation like breathing, meditation, life style and outlook to life and prayer can be used to increase number of hits on your pleasure point. Sri Sri Ravishankar of Art of Living is one such person, who primarily deals with hardwired emotions across globe and try to increase number of hits on pleasure point.

Now comes faulty neural circuits, some are
Theft, Lie, Rape
Aggressiveness to extent of physical assault
Killing Stinct
Fun from Harassment
Right point to tell, the Remote Neural Monitoring is based out of harassment and fun from harassment.

Review of Humans Warfare Methods and Where it is Headed

Humans used to fight with fist, stone, bow and arrow, sword. Then it started fighting with gun powder.

Metal Processing – Making of Sword and Similar Thing
Gun Power – Bullets, Bombs, Guns and Missiles etc

Evolving Picture of Human Warfare

Nuclear Fission – Nuclear Bombs, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are live cases where humans who struggle for taking generations forward, saw many families got wiped out and left radiation affects which produces defective offspring’s. The Cold War was height. Thousands are warheads ready to destroy cities and cities of countries.
Chemicals – Chemical Weapons
Computer & Information Technology – Information Warfare; Computer Virus, Hacking, Identity and Credit Card, Online Banking related financial Theft
 (Are those trained in computer technologies hacking bank account thief’s, no educated and trained but neural circuits existed in them which came into activity?)
Electronics – Electronics Warfare
Brain to Electronics Interface – Brain based Electronic Warfare
Space Technology – Space War, somehow, it got curbed but you still see mischievous satellite manoeuvring, satellite based surveillance, missile guidance, Global Positioning System (GPS) enabling weapons, Radar Monitoring and Jamming technology

Synthetic Biology of Future – Biological Warfare is possibility
Planetary Settlement – Homosipians will take its warring nature to heaven
Faster Than Light – Travel to planets rotating around stars close to our solar system in wrap drives travelling at speed faster than light, again like that in planetary settlement

Fighting for resources or other reason is in human nature/DNA.

Covert Brain based Warfare based on Electronics and Psychology

Now, it is moving towards electronics warfare. Billions are spent of Electronic Warfare by different nations. US Army attempted to develop what they call synthetic telepathy so that solider can send email from their brain signals generated from thinking by giving a 4 million dollar grant to US. This is also known as brain computer interface (BCI).

Further it is moving on Electronics and psychology and brain is center for human’s capability enhancement and war, both. And covert group is doing it from satellite.

You are trained for life how to use your brain effectively, now it is time how to malfunction it, behaviour modifications, harassment, surveillance, individual and mass psychological manipulations.

General Review of Open Society Brain Technologies and Lessons for Them

Many surgical and medical methods are used to treat brain related diseases. Brain implant methods are used to cut scalp and put electrodes to get signals and put signals in brain. These methods are out of scope of this document and only mentioned here.

Brain Implant being carried out by cutting skull

A major, private government participations project called Brain Initiative is announced by US President Obama and has a vision called BRAIN 2025. It aims to produce dynamic pictures of the brain that show how individual brain cells and complex neural circuits interact.

Some of the non-invansive technologies associated with brain are as below.

Electroencephalography (EEG) is the recording of electrical activity along the
scalp. EEG measures voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within
 neurons of brain.


Sample EEG

Functional magnetic resonance imaging or functional MRI (fMRI) is a functional neuroimaging procedure using MRI technology that measures brain activity by detecting associated changes in blood flow. This technique relies on the fact that cerebral blood flow and neuronal activation are coupled. When an area of the brain is in use, blood flow to that region also increases.

Sample fMRI Image

CT Scan
Computed Tomography (CT) use computer processed X-rays to produce virtual slices of scanned object. This is not only used for brain but other body parts also.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) utilizes an electromagnet placed on the
scalp that generates magnetic field pulses. This stimulates nerve cells in the brain to improve symptoms of depression.

A Lady undergoing TMS

EEG Headsets for General Applications
Headsets to acquire neuro signals of brain which have electrodes which get positioned on scalp. This is brain to computer interfacing technology and used for gamers and disabled patients.

A EEG Headset under use.

Brain Balancing
Proprietary methods of Brain Balance are a comprehensive program that combines physical and sensory exercises with cognitive skill training and healthy nutrition. Aim is to balances and synchronizes left brain/right brain interaction. The newly strengthened connections trigger advancements in behaviour, social and academic performance.

Academic Research

University of California, Berkley

With a cutting-edge blend of brain imaging and computer simulation, scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, are bringing these futuristic scenarios within reach. Using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and computational models, UC Berkeley researchers have succeeded in decoding and reconstructing people’s dynamic visual experiences. This may one day be able to record dream and watch as video and may be also useful for patients in com.
This effort has not matured yet.

Movie constructed from Brain Imaging

University of Washington

Researcher at University of Washington used EEG headset on one person, transmitted signal over internet to another person and stimulated his brain using TMS to move his figure. They called this world’s first brain to brain interface.

US Army Funded Synthetic Telepathy

US Army attempted to develop what they call synthetic telepathy so that solider can send email from their brain signals generated from thinking by giving a 4 million dollar grant to University of California, Irvine. This is also a brain computer interface (BCI) technology.

Introduction to newly affected on Covert Satellite Brain Interfacing Technology Remote Neural Monitoring

Some features of brain relevant in context with the above subjected is described below. The graphics has been picked from internet and author thanks to those who made these.

Small current flowing through neural circuits of brain has been described earlier. Here are further details on how neurons looks like and signals detected at scalp and resonance frequencies of different cortex’s of interest here.

While most of work on Remote Neural Monitoring focuses on only technology part. However, psychology of mass and individual are two other parts to complete the picture. This makes it three aspect rich technology, recapped for importance.

Satellite based brain interfacing Electronics
Mass Psychology
Individual Psychology

Foundation documents are given in Appendices I, II, III, you may read them and come back here for further reading.

Cases can be found on various internet sites like, and there are thousands of testimonials across the world collected and documented, as many as 1500 by Australian John Flich. These are not being documented as part of this work and only above references are being pointed out. There are list of other activist and forum across the globe with these organisations and web sites.

First Level Support can be taken from International Forums like

There are many organisations working hard to their ability across the globe to resolve this issue or similar issues, only some has been mentioned as starting point. There is not intention to favour someone or ignore some others.

This technology is so secretive, sophisticated & hidden that to pin point it is difficult with current level of state capacity. Here is case where criminals are more sophisticated than the state itself.
In brief, this technology enables to track at least thousands of people simultaneously, 24 by 7 and use every individuals brain signature to read thought, send voice signals in brain auditory cortex bypassing ears etc. Every individual has unique brain signature like finger print and DNA. This technology is based on satellite and works across globe.

This technology uses bio electromagnetic field in 5-50 Hz frequency and 0.5 milliwatt capacity to read brain activity from different cortex of brain. This technology can also send modulated signals in brain in terms of voice etc. Carrier signals or other form of electronic wave, of 1 MHz to 40 GHz might be used to transport these brain waves to reach satellites 20200 to 42300 km above ground. No whistleblower has told the range and method of carrier beam used to entrain brain signals from satellite. Entrainment of brain signals from satellite is one of most sophisticated and covert part of Remote Neural Monitoring.

Incidentally, brain's passive field extends only 12 feet from human as detected by a cryogenic antenna. Nature did not design any firewall for brain.

Remote Neural Monitoring Technology per se doesn't harm on standalone basis. It only tracks individual continuously through brain signature. It is RNM operators approach to use the technology which creates tremendous problem and to the extent that it gives a feeling that you have put your feet in death trap.

Brain generates around 10000 to 60000 thoughts per day. When an RNM operator carries out attack at its peak he generates events in same number order. He practically responds to every thought for 24 by 7, months together. This takes brain to beyond the level nature designed brain to handle generating emotions to the extent of suicide & mercy. Suicide & mercy feelings are generated by neurons which are trigger by other pain related neurons and discarded as worthless emotions.

There are various activities & events which are created by RNM Operator using this technology. He threatens on loss of property & wealth, life, social & professional reputation, carries out abuses & sexual abuses. He builds traps which endanger your job & general well being in almost every aspect of life. If you are on foreign country, it builds trap so that you cannot return back to home country. An RNM operator targets your family members & relatives and threatens them to do as said.
They cut you of your professional & social friends. They broadcast your thoughts & situation in work & residence environment & in the locality you move affecting your reputation.

RNM operator hacks your email id and password using brain reading when you operated the email and makes content public and make you wonder your privacy & security. Your bank id and password is hacked using brain reading and its details shared with you and make you fear what will happen to your bank balance.

RNM operator creates events and situation which causes you to lose your job and making your future and financial security uncertain. They stop for months and you think you can revive your career & life again only to be attacked again and this happens repeatedly many times.

The above is just examples. In years of RNM operations & attacks they create so many events and traps that it will be difficult to narrate all here.

Based on practical experience and from whistleblower’s account, such technology can

-Detect brain electromagnetic field remotely
-Identify uniqueness of individual brain signature, just like fingerprint.
-Can decode brain wave received remotely into exact subject voice, images
-Can modulate and send signals remotely in forms of voice  in audio cortex bypassing ear and  images in visual cortex bypassing eyes and optical nerve
-Send pulse signal in motor cortex
-Send signals to thousands of people simultaneously, large location coverage based on practical experience
-Operate in wide geography. Experience of those affected suggests that it is across cities, across countries say it America, Europe, Middle East, India, Malaysia, Russia. Signals getting tracked in flight from at 32,000 ft or 10 Km and over the sea, over the land, it is amazing.
-Detect signal associated with thought before it comes to conscious mind. In practice know what you will think before you yourself know, it is just amazing.
-3D sound effect, technology can make it appear that sound is coming from a source. Many times it is done from TV speaker. In some cases, it made it appear coming from five blocks away.
-It can identify in 3D structural feature around the subject and make it appear that sound is coming from particular wall. RNM uses a carrier signal around the subject and brain reading & voice in head are modulated on the carrier signal in simple terms.
-It can determine position in 3 dimensions that is not only on earth surface but in air in aeroplane and on different floor in building. If GPS tracking analogy is applied, it means four satellites are used for tracking individual
-The software graphics has 3 D features where it provides real time location of target around walls & roofs.

If I also include one similarly affected Chinese experience then it says the technology reached her-
"In every country, anywhere: inside the house, underground, inside an airplane, on a ship, under water, inside a car, on the top of a mountain….”

 Satellites signals are not that effective in polar region but there was no information or incidence reported in this region.

In Remote Neural Monitoring Technology cases, the moment & location where RNM Operator locked on you to follow you is very important, if you would have not been there at that moment and location, there in all probability you would not have entered into a loop which last for many years of life and saved yourself from all trouble RNM Operator and RNM Technology can cause to you.
Universal Human Brain Language

Based on the experience of being under RNM, I hypothesize that at least three of human brain cortex thought center, audio cortex and motor cortex has same mechanism of communication for all human beings. This is despite each of this cortex having distinct resonance frequency for different human.

The above hypothesis is based on the fact that RNM communicates with these three cortex without being trained for individuals, the way RNM instantaneously reads thought, send voice to skull and sends signal in motor cortex for stimulating body muscles.

People have been subjected to situations where their brain reading is communicated as voice in skull to surrounding people. This situation is set up in different state of countries, different countries instantaneously with people speaking different languages.

Based on other peoples experience in similar situation, it can be true for visual cortex also.

This is important understanding given that current effort to read brain is based on training but RNM works without training.

RNM is just superb technically. RNM research team would have been a brilliant team. It is not easy to interface with brain remotely and take full EEG, then decode it in thoughts. Then also find unique brain signature of individually. Then do it at level, which does not require training of language. Then find a way to send signal in audio cortex and motor cortex. Then put this entire thing in space bound satellites covering pretty much entire globe and do it right in face of Electronics Warfare and Satellite Monitoring teams. Fund it, maintain it and recreate and retire entire asset as many as three to four times is no mean achievement.
Psychology of Individual, Masses is another layer which is used along with superb technology.
Despite all these and effort, fund and time gone, there are plenty of loopholes worth exploiting as you will come to know elsewhere in this work.
Schema of User Interface not true, it is just for feel

Typical Layout of Operations Center, not true, just for feel.

RNM 3D Sound Effect
Voice in skull is made to appear coming from TV or roof. RNM can figure out structure layout around subject like walls & roofs.
This can in TV anchors voice, giving feeling that TV anchor is doing surveillance!!  There has been cases, as reported in where British TV  was sued many times.
Frequency, Amplitude etc modulation – take aspect ratio from where sound  is coming, take tone from the TV anchor, and put your content – once you take your thoughts to electronics you can do such things!!

Gang Stalking under RNM
Gang Stalking is the main thing which RNM Operator/Perp do to harass a target. In some cases, brain reading of target is broadcasted to audience around him as voice in skull. Then target is abused, insulted, commented on thoughts, voice in skull sent, psychotronic suggestion given, followed in home, street or formal setting.

Who is behind?
Not yet understood fully.
Popular name is NSA but they don’t develop technology so military supplier, satellite operator & brain technologist consortium. Some believe pharma companies are behind it due to medical care and medicines required as a after effect o use of this technology.
RNM Operator/perp, as part of disinformation complain, purposely put false name of the individual or organisation. If, the target suspects someone, the perp confirms this many times in different ways. If, there is nothing coming to target mind, he has open choice and he reinforces it, it can be reputed organisation, intelligence agency of the country the target is in or anything else. This takes target in wrong direction for years or all through his/her life. While perp changes many things, perp does not change this part anytime, once set there will be only reinforcement.

A rare combination of funding, technology innovation and harassment brain circuits of humans has brought this technology in life.
What is motive?
Behaviour modifications
Fun in harassment
Not defeated by humans for last three decades, like muscle building level of six packs, weight lifting, fighting with elephants, killing lion, taking human ability to extreme level for satisfaction is a possibility. Not defeated for three decades will be mantra of RNM Master.
Unknown number under cognitive brain testing – the psychology of RNM master does not looks to be doing so, no evidence is left so you cannot say. But when it will change hand or strategy, you cannot say.
Head of Different Countries - the psychology of RNM master does not looks to be doing so, no evidence is left so you cannot say. But when it will change hand or strategy, you cannot say.
How long it lasts?
It lasts for many years, going on since two & two and half decades, intermittent or 24/7.
The approach to keep on doing the same/similar thing with one individual is unique, this continue to happen despite success in base line damage in terms of finances, emotions, relationship etc of the target.
This has kept the number of targets at Global scale low, but the life of one individual becomes too difficult to handle.
How many and where?
Based on number of users on this forum should be around tens of thousands, taken those who prefer to remain silent or don’t take to internet or other forums due to language or other barrier.
Incidents have been reported all over the globe from USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, India, China, Malaysia and many more, all over the world.
A new target sometime feels, if he/she change house, city, country, or organisation, things will get solved, it does not happen. It continues wherever you go.
Damage controlling methods used and reasons for its success
If a person with knowledge or experience says anything about it, he is call metal, Schizophrenic, discrediting the person. This component is part of playing with individual psychology.
Other persons involved are repeatedly told not to tell it to law enforcement agencies by charm, by authority, by threat or under name of intelligence or reputed organisation. And they have pretty much successful in them and despite so many revelations by them has remained hidden despite openly doing it in masses. The designer of the psyops is master in this subject which is called mass psychology.
Use of high end electronics and camouflaging under pretext of communication system, defence system or otherwise is also important for its success.
But despite all the above and despite extreme level of innovation, fund and time gone in it, it cannot handle all situation and has lots of flaws which can be exploited.
Other Brain Based Harassment and Surveillance Electronics Technologies and terms used on internet
There may be other methods like
Physical gang stalking
Voice induction through electronic means
Directed energy weapons
Brain implants
Nano brain implants
And many other technologies which are unnamed in open society which are on similar lines and are under research or testing.
Focus of this book is RNM without brain implants.
Other terms used on internet...
Targeted Individual (TI)
Voice to Skull (V2K)
Synthetic Telepathy
Brain Reading
Mind Control
Satellite Surveillance
Harassment and Covert Surveillance
MKUTRA and other similar projects
Indian terms like

Other affected by brain disease may use term
Hearing voice
Voice Hearer

Interpretation of Success of Remote Neural Monitoring for Govt, Judiciary, Human Right Activist and Technology Civilisation Planners, Defence and Electronic Warfare experts and its implication on other technology

There are significant implications of these on above decision makers. Funds, Technology Innovation, Nature of Electronics interfacing with brain, mass homosipian psychology, individual psychology and discrediting approach along with law enforcing homosipians inability to gauge a situation in which he/she has not data or previous experience. This is an outlier, a first in humans’ technological civilization with increased complexity of technology.

It is because of above characteristics that thousands monitoring electronics space and satellite movement has not able to detect it for last three decades. And this has happened while it is in operation across globe with its hundreds of countries.

 It is because of the above characteristics that this technology remains in operations affecting thousands innocents despite their global movement, communication with officials at different level, human right activist, putting billboards, giving add in paper, fighting in courts, that nothing significant has happened. The matter has even been communicated to US Commission on bioethics long back.

While for those 2977 who died in 9/11, trillions of dollars have been spent in war seven see across, not even a dollar has been spent by USA for its civilians complaining about it.

By putting in law enforcement shoes, it is realised that if they homposipians law enforcement agencies and law makers and civil administrators & leader have not dealt with the situation before they cannot appreciate it. Remind again Copernicus and Galileo telling earth is round for first time.

Those affected may appreciate it, some who are absolutely not able to handle situation, but it will be documented in history that how homosipians technological civilisation who claims to be making rules of universe, handled a outliner warfare situation. And impact of possible change of hands and strategy can create a very difficult situation for nations.

In a situation, say, swearing in of President/Prime Minster is carried out in presence of all leaders, defence heads, and opposition parties. In a single blow, this technology can obtain brain signature and put entire leadership out of job, creating crisis. And as they do, say this is result of something else, like formal surveillance methods and without knowledge of such covert mean entire nation can be put on a crisis foot.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, of all countries around the globe and its global organisations like USA, handle this outlier as soon as possible, effectively and firmly understanding homosipians flaws as law enforcer.

 The possible actionable has been put in next section.

Such technology is not good for human, only for warfare or research due to cost involved in its operations. 10 billion investments in three decades in three cycles of asset creation and retirement. Satellite Phone Equivalent cost is USD 1 per minute average.

A newly named, ACT phenomena i.e. advanced covert technology phenomena, this is first time happening in human history so might have been difficult to analyze and comprehend. Under this phenomena if a covert group - state or private succeed in developing technology which is say half a century ahead of open society technology or may be not even on path which will cross anytime, harassment or illegal activities based on this will go unpunished and the complainer has to suffer.

In light of above a 360 degree review need to be taken by world community shapers.

Biotech/Synthetic Biology

Nuclear Proliferation

Brain Initiative

Chemical Warfare

At Level of RNM Technology holder, following can be said,

The Remote Neural Monitoring Technology is amazingly sophisticated and advanced compared to current level of open work in this area. However, its use is not effectively utilised for social good.

The Rocket, Electronics, Satellites, Computer, Software Engineering, Electricity, Trained Manpower in above area and Psychologist and other professionals and support staff are from open society; Human learning from fire, wheel, language, food production and supply chain, cloths and what not has been put together by generations over thousands and thousands years. The RNM Technology holder cannot do all these in his life time. They only developed a small part and sitting on them and thinking they have done everything.

At some point in time the RNM Technology team would have taken medical help and/or will take in future in old age, this benefit comes to you because of  technology work which is being shared for benefit of society.

RNM Technology & Management team should seriously consider realigning their work for social good and forgo ill use.

Mankind has come through millions of year of evaluation and we are in rare position to create environment around us which is most suitable to us. Our effort should be to improve quality of life not create bad environment.

They should consider their operations strategy and come in main social stream which is going good due to good work of many people. And without doubt they have benefited from that. Now, it is their turn to contribute to society in positive way.

But all these go to deafs ear, their brain frequency does not match these hard facts.

Possible Check and Balance on Satellite Based Remote Neural Monitoring

There seems to be Low Earth Orbit Satellites due to latency demonstrated in brain reading and response of RNM Operator/Perpetrator. Lots of logic appears to be in hardware rather than software as we see now. An estimated 20-70 satellite, either part of some other communication or intelligence satellite constellation is likely. 8 ground stations are likely.

Suspect list include NSA (a suspect due to Whistle blowing may not say its existence to even US President), Military Suppliers, Satellite Operators, Brain Technologist, Parma Companies or nexus of them.

Given that satellite based brain interfacing technology Remote Neural Monitoring is in operation, it is suggest that a International Satellite Monitoring Agency be created.

This agency will,

Monitor and Audit objects sent into space and its electronics for brain interfacing electronics
Review electronic design of all satellites and space bound objects
All satellite launches will require signed off declaration that the satellite does not contain brain interfacing technology

Monitoring of ground stations should be carried out.

It is a possibility that homosipians law enforcement team will not be able to handle its sophisticated electronics.

The above is a check and balance due to this nature, and such effort will ensure that RNM operator will not be able to replace satellites when they wear out, a satellite having roughly 7 to 10 years of life!! The RNM team will also come under severe pressure due to this approach.

Law enforcers should remind them again and again that they are homosipians with limitations, remind again and again what happened with Copernicus and Galileo and act, even though they don’t believe there is sufficient noise and complaints to put these measure in effect.

Due to nature of this technology, a feature only a fraction of which USA Army is long trying to acquire, it is international community who should collective see the dynamics of geo politics and see USA does not act on this alone by under watchful eyes of world community.

Given, that brain does not have firewall, such technology is best destroyed rather than attempted to be used for societies benefit. Because there is much more destructive power then possible good use.  What happened with Nuclear weapon proliferation can happen with this technology too and this is much dangerous.


Capitalism in Democracy with Technology can create very difficult situation for Government, Judiciary and Civilians. Emerging technologies like Molecular Biology, the competency of God, should be adequately handled along with other destructive technologies like Chemical, Nuclear and Electronic Warfare. Lessons from Brain Based Electronics Warfare Technologies like Remote Neural Monitoring technology suggest that funds, technologist and homosipians faulty brain circuits can create a situation where a covert technology remain in operations affecting thousands and Govt, Judiciary or Human Right Activist show the behaviour of people who first heard from Copernicus and Galileo that earth is flat, what one will do without observation and data? Only who has experience it firsthand understand it. Remote Neural Monitoring successful operations for approximately three decades, right in face of humanity with its surveillance of Electronics space and Satellites vis-a-vis all RNMs satellites, ground stations, mass involvement of people in psychological (individual and mass) and electronic warfare is a significant warning for open society that what funds, electronics and psychology can do. It is absolutely unprecedented.
The impact can be significant if this operators show change in strategy or change hand.

Below is non quantitative representation of threat of Brain based Electronics Warfare.

Given that homosipian warring brain circuits has caused lots of issues in past and growing technological capability is only going to make it complex. With ambition of homsipians firing to settle on human body, homosipians should look at themselves and plan for its future . There are 2000 billion generations of them to come till sun shines and some may take to universe.

 On Long Range what should Homosipian do with their problem, there are two solutions as below.

Homosipians change into new avatar in few tens of thousands of years with societies reward and punishment system, which will change the race like wolf becoming domesticated dogs in tens of thousands of years. This is ethical as per current social setup.

Modifying Human DNA to get rid of faulty brain circuits!!? It is unethical or playing with Gods design in current social setup. This options will slowly open in few generations from now, as humans understands life better.

Debate should start with open mind in view of long journey homosipians has to take on this.