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Remote Neural Monitoring : Cases

Case 1

Nilesh (Name changed) visited a friend and also his brother in law came to his house. Next day, Nilesh went to office [Reliance (Mukesh Ambani) (www.ril.com) in Mumbai, India]. He was surprised that the discussion with brother in law and friend was known to colleagues in office. Three years of such more incidents and Nilesh will realise that he was subject to Remote Neural Monitoring Technology since then.

Remote Neural Monitoring is secretive brain technology which uses unique brain signature,

like uniqness of fingureprint, to track individual, read thought and send voice to brain

bypassing audio cortex.

In Remote Neural Monitoring Technology cases, the moment & location where RNM Operator locked on you to follow you is very important, if you would have not been there at that moment and location, there in all probability you would not have entered into a loop which last for many years of life and saved yourself from all trouble RNM Operator and RNM Technology can cause to you.

Nilesh (Name changed) hereafter describes.

After that incident in office, there was another incident. Collegue knew the emails I sent

to employment agencies. I wondered if my email box has been hacked and being monitored.

After two such incidents I raised the issue that my email box has been hacked by certain

colleague in office. I also noticed that my communication anywhere near my official laptop

was also known to my colleagues. Has my laptop been bugged with listening device? I

continued to notice that even very softly spoken words also was known to all my colleagues

in office. After few such incident I communicated the my laptop has also been bugged. I also

noticed that even my communication over my mobile was also known to colleagues. This was too

much. I got my mobile checked with mobile service station and they reformated software in

it. I also visited laptop repair shop and asked them if any hidden listening device has been

fitted in it. But due to being office laptop I hesitated in getting laptop opened by

external party. I was afraid that due to listening device in laptop, collegues in office

will know about my this attempt. My hesitation in attempting to get the laptop opened made

the shopkeeper suspisious and thought it might be stolen and informed police. When I went

back to mobile shop to pick up my reformated mobile, plain cloths police traced me there

through my car number communicated by laptop shopkeeper. Plain cloths police noted that my

car had Reliance (Mukesh Ambani) gate pass stiker and therefore left.

Meanwhile,in office collegues was talking about my whole content of email box. They also

talked about my yahoo email password. I was surprised how they know my yahoo email box

password. I was irrited that my email box security has been compromised. My collegaues even

told that cameras has been fitted around in office and at my home!! Even my car has been

fitted with GPS tracking and listening device.

Menwhile, throught colleagues exchange I came to know that police traced me to office and

visted office.

The office people were shocked as police complained them that my mobile and laptop has been

bugged. I was happy at the incident but people at office were very unhappy at the incident.
This incident shook me so much that I decided to put my paper and quit from job. I gave

notice period.

I did not go to office for a week & then resumed work and served my notice peoriod.

After few months of stay I realised that even my thoughts are known to collegues. Then I

realised, after that I am subject to technology which has brain reading capability. I

searched in google but could not find any technology which can read thoughts remotely.There

were only attempts using fMRI to read brain and that too not remotely. It also became clear

that the technology I am subject to is secretive and very advanced.

I joined next company and after one and half month all the incidents of Reliance (Mukesh Ambani) started
occuring. The brain reading and gangstalking restarted. Here too I came to know that people

surrounding me were receiving information on what I was thinking. Due to this the situation

was not handable and I left the company after few months of stay there. On last day of return

from Jamnagar to Mumbai I took flight. There at the height of 32,000 ft people around me

were able know what I was thinking!! I was suprised a lot!!

Use of Technology stopped for approximately six months after my next company after Reliance (Mukesh Ambani).

It restarted after I relocated to Ahmedabad. Here when shopping in mall, I realised that

technology has capability to send voice in people head bypassing ears. I googled and found

the characteristics in electronic harrassment & gangstalking. The ability to lauch attack in

Mumbai, Jamnagar & Ahmedabad made it clear that this technology can operate across

geographic locations.

I was attacked again in my next assignment ten months later after last assignment for one

month and then technology stopped. After that I took assignment in Al Khobar and was

surprised that same situation occured one month after my stay there. The technology has

geographic spread across India. I reasearched on google and found that Remote Neural

Monitoring Technology described closest the phenomena I was experiencing since last 3&1/2

years since June, 2008. The attack in Al Khobar was also in Hindi as previous attacks. Incidently, I was attacked using Remote Neural Monitoring in return flight from Al  Khobar to Ahmedabad via Mumbai and the technology was operating at 32000 ft height and speed of flight.

Now, I am convinced that secretive brain technology Remote Neural Monitoring is being the

various incidents from Reliance (Mukesh Ambani Group, www.ril.com) onwards. It has already been 3&1/2 years since it started in June, 2008.

In following flights Voice in Skull was carried out to fellow passengers and they received RNM operator narration/instruction and my brain reading.

Jamnagar to Mumbai                                   in  Nov, 2009
Mangalore to Mumbai to Ahmedabad         in Oct, 2010
Al Khobar to Mumbai to Ahmedabad         in Oct, 2011

Remote Neural Monitioring Technology per se doesn't harm on stand alone basis. It only tracks individual continuosly through brain signature. It is RNM operators approach to use the technology which creates tremendous problem and to the extent that it gives a feeling that you have put your feet in death trap.

Brain generates around 10000 to 60000 thoughts per day. When RNM operators carries out attack at its peak he generates events in same number order. He practically responds to every thought for 24 by 7, months together. This takes brain to beyond the level nature designed brain to handle generating emotions to the extent of sucide & mercy. Sucide & mercy feelings are generated by neurons which are trigger by other pain realted neurons and discarded as worthless emotions.

There are various activities & events which are created by RNM Operator using this technoloy. He threaten on loss of property & wealth, life, social & professional reputation, carries out abuses & sexual abuses. He builds traps which endanger your job & general well being in almost every aspect of life. If you are on foreign country, it builds trap so that you can not return back to home country. RNM operator targets your family members & relatives and threaten them to do as said.
They cut you of your professional & social friends. They boradcast your thoughts & situation in work & residence environment & in the locality you move affecting your reputation.

RNM operator hacks your email id and password using brain reading when you operated the email and makes content public and make you wonder your privacy & security. Your bank id and password is hacked using brain reading and its details shared with you and make you fear what will happen to your bank balance.

RNM operator creates events and situation which causes you to loss your job and making your future and financial security uncertain. They stop for months and you think you can revive your career & life again only to be attacked again and this happens repeatedly many times.

The above is just examples. In years of RNM operations & attacks they creates so many events and traps that it will be difficult to narrate all here.

Thousands of people around me received RNM operator narration/instruction and my brain reading during various period of RNM attack. This generated a large number of witness of this case. List of some of witnesses are

Sr NoNameEmail
1Kantilal Makwanamail_to_kanti@yahoo.com
2Manoj KumarManoj.Kumar2@essar.com
3Keyur Desaikeyur.desai@essar.com
4Milind Kulkarnimilind.kulkarni@essar.com
5Manas Sahoomanas_rs@hotmail.com 
6Sundar Raghuramansundar.raghuraman@gmail.com
7Venkatraman SVramanan.sv@tcs.com
8Satyanarayana Singhsathyanarayana.singh@wipro.com
9Ravi Gareravikumargvr@gmail.com 
10Satish Babuvmsatish@gmail.com


Employees at many large corporations and companies have co-operated with RNM Operator during attacks and failed to take notice of impact on human society by covert brain based electronicwarfare tool and document and report it to higher authorities despite there connection in political, govt system. This is list of corporations, durations they got opportunity to document and report cases.

Reliance Project : Reliance Group of Comapnies of Mukesh Ambani group and its employees were responsible for passing my brain signature to RNM Operator. Later, they are responsible to camaflauge it as operation based on camera. Reliance got one year and six months opportunity to stop misleading, documenting events and report to higher govt connection that brain based electronicwarfare is being reported on its premises. A organisation where event like some employee opening a stall of his brother Anil Ambani to whom he has rivalary over inheritance of  Reliance foutune, and whose financial product is displayed in stall to Mukesh Ambani and the employee get fired, did not report such a vital information to Mukesh Amabani for extended one and half years is unbelievable. A tech savy Chairman and MD failed when time tested him on brain based electronicware of national and humanities importance.

Essar Oil Project : Essar Oil got opportunity to report to Govt and other concerned and document it for three months but failed.

Mangalore Refinery (MRPL) Project : I was on project from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to MRPL and both companies failed to document and report it to Govt for around one month.

Saudi Aramco Total Refinery (SATORP) Project : I was on project from Wipro to SATORP of Saudi Arabia in Al Khobar and both companies failed to document and report to Saudi or Indian Govt for around a month.

GEA Process Engineering Project: This baroda based and headquartered in denmank company got three days of time only but its employee experienced brain based electronic warfare.

Yanbu Saudi Aramoc Sinpopec Project (YASREF) : I was on project from US MNC KBR based out of Pune to YASREF, Saudi Arabia and both these companies failed to document and report to govt for around three weeks.

I did not document the Airlines and Airports which failed in documenting and reporting to govt this phenomena.

The above matter has been communicated to many people. Select emails are below.

Cease and Desist Letter to Mukesh Ambani


Saturday, July 7, 2012 10:07 AM

Hi Mukesh Ambani,

Stop use of secretive illegal brain technology on former employees and others. There has been fresh attack using the technology. Brain reading was carried out and voice in skull was delivered. These attacks are going on since June, 2008 lasting for months together 24 by 7. These has caused financial and emptional loss to me.

Discuss it with Reliance Security.

I am also a shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited and question you on why illegal methods of this kind deployed in Reliance.

Reliance is using a secretive illegal brain technology named differently like Remote Neural Monitoring, Remote Brain Reading, Voice to skull on its employees.
In brief, this technology uses individual brain signature, unique like fingureprint, to read thoughts, send voice to brain bypassing audio cortex. This technology works through sattelite and can remotely track individual across geography. This technology uses 5-50 hz electro magentic field from brain to track individual.

Please confirm me that such activities have been ceased and desisted, will not be taken up in future.

I am free to pursue any legal remedies available to me. These remedies include but are not limited to contacting law enforcement to obtain criminal sanctions and suing civilly for damages.
Damage Claim Letter to Mukesh Ambani


Monday, July 16, 2012 8:42 AM

Hi Mukesh Ambani,
Further to trailing letter, at this time, I am not contacting the authorities or filing civil suit, as I hope we can resolve this matter without authoritative involvement. Damage claim for 4 years of financial & emotional loss due to usage of such technology and methods is Rs fourty thousand crores (40,000 crore). Reliance can pay this amount in next one week from date of receipt of the letter so that matter is not taken up with authorities.
In the event of your neglect/ refusal/ failure I shall be constrained to resort to legal processes to recover the same without further reference to you. In such an event, you shall be liable for the cost and expense.
Revised Damage Claim Letter  to Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani personal wealth stands at USD 19.3 billion which has been claimed as damages below.


Thursday, October 25, 2012 3:36 AM

Hi Mukesh Ambani,
Further to trailing letter, the use of secretive illegal brain technology continues. At this time, I am not contacting the authorities or filing civil suit, as I hope we can resolve this matter without authoritative involvement. Damage claim for many years of financial & emotional loss due to usage of such technology and methods is revised to all your personal wealth.
You can confirm your acceptance of above damage claim within 24 hours from receipt of the letter so that matter is not taken up with authorities.
In the event of your neglect/ refusal/ failure I shall be constrained to resort to legal processes to recover the same without further reference to you. In such an event, you shall be liable for the cost and expense.
Defending Nation against covert Brain Technologies during War
 Sent:  05/09/2013 10:55:26 am
To: subrata.sinha@nbrc.ac.in; director@nbrc.ac.in
Cc: pmosb@nic.in; hm@nic.in; defsecy@nic.in; presidentofindia@rb.nic.in; Ajit Bhat (; Dev Chakraborty; pathikdeb@gmail.com; sudeepd@gmail.com
Subject:  Defending Nation against covert Brain Technologies during War

National Brain Research Institute
President of India
Prime Minister Office
Defence Minsiter
Home Minister
Defence Heads
Signal Intelligence
Some Brain Technology affected Indians

When it was told that earth rotates around sun, it was not believed. You are also being told which you may not believe because it just so advance compared to existing open society knowledge.

There are communication of operation of covert brain technologies in India which can read mind and send voice in head bypassing ear. In open literature these are known as Remote Neural Monitoring/Synthetic Telepathy/Voice in Skull etc.

Brain neurons emit electromagnetic field. EEG is known and it can be detected through it. What is not known is that a carrier wave can take this signal to satellite exposing everything which is going on in brain.

India is at war with a nation. All strategies appear to be known to enemy before hand and it causes defeat on many fronts.

Defense related people have been subjected to covert Brain Technology which can read mind from satellite.
Anyone and as many as thousands of people can be tracked using this technology.

Know how satellite based technology work?
What frequency they work and how to block them.
Will bunkers for Nuclear was safeguard against brain reading
What else is required to safeguard Nation in case satellite based brain technology with such features is discovered in operation.

How to approach
There are many Indians who have reported use of cover brain technology across the country. They are facing difficulty in life due to this. They can render helping hand & volunteer to start research.
One person has even reported that this technology is in hand of a terrorist.
A multidisciplinary team constituting of Satellite Engineers, Cognitive Brain Scientist, Electronics and
Communication Engineers, Defense Signal Intelligence, Volunteer of Brain Technology affected people
be assembled to prepare a contingency plan under defense budget.

Thousands of crores are being spent on aircrafts, submarines, warships. It will be worthwhile to spend Rs
100-1000 crores on this.

Alternative Scenarios
Terrorist acquire this technology
Corporates acquire this technology and use on ministers to get policy details
Individuals acquire this technology and harass civilians
Rogue elements acquire this technology

It is likely that his communication be ignored as it is just too sophisticated compared to known technology. Yes, you take the risk but when under war don't tell you never told/knew about this possibility. Better be prepared than be sorry. We might have missed Industrial revolution, but we are dead on the time for Brain Technology based research.

Reference Material
and references therein

Case 2
Deb Chakraborty http://www.angelfire.com/pro2/dchakrab/

Case 3
Another case of  use of Remote Neural Monitoring at Sony can be found at
Supratik Shah http://fight-against-terrorist-ceo.blogspot.com/

Case 4
Suresh S Kumar - “…I have been confronting Electronic Stalking/Harassment/Illegal Electronic Surveillance Stalking/Harassment for about 19 years that I aware of. I am a Victim of Organized Stalking and Directed Energy Weapons Torture From ––(state country) INDIAAttacked (year you realized to be attacked) 1988. I am victim from INDIA for very long . All this started happening to me suddenly from 1988 (My college days). Initially it started with Gangstalking and subsequently the electronic attack began. The period was very eventful. I could not understand anything. It is only after 1999 and later I discovered a lot of info on net. There after I gradually understood the game. I made myself strong to face the consequences. It is going on till date. I am in touch with 4 other Indians thru net. Two persons are also in contact by telephone. We have discussed things happening with us. In my contact is one person a Scientist from a nuclear fuel complex, another is a professor from Medical College, one person is Phd Indian student from New York and one person from business community. I have forwarded the petition to all these persons. I have also seen a poster in market place in Delhi(capital of India) asking for help from these technologies. This is a Global problem. According to the PHd sudent with whom I am in touch, The effect of this technology continues even when he traveled to several countries…” READ MORE

Many More Cases
Other names from http://emftorturechamber.blogspot.in/
1.NAME: F. A.


Updated Communition List of  Affected people in India as on July, 2013
"Sudeep Deshmukh" <sudeepd@gmail.com>
"Neptune N" <neptune68@yahoo.com>
"Ajit Bhat" <bhatajit@gmail.com>
"Dr.Bineesh mk" <mknirvana05@gmail.com>
"sanjay deshpande" <hello.sanjaydeshpande@gmail.com>
"shraddha sawant" <shraddha467@gmail.com>
"bobin scaria" <bobinscaria@gmail.com>
"shashi.woolverine@gmail.com" <shashi.woolverine@gmail.com>
"supratik_slg@yahoo.co.in" <supratik_slg@yahoo.co.in>
"vijayk_dsp@yahoo.com" <vijayk_dsp@yahoo.com>
"Sharjeel Kazi" <kazisharjeel@rediffmail.com>
"pathikdeb@gmail.com" <pathikdeb@gmail.com>
"sidhu.gilani@gmail.com" <sidhu.gilani@gmail.com>
"prasad n" <prasad519.n@gmail.com>
"drfahar123@gmail.com" <drfahar123@gmail.com>
"shailesh kharkwal" <shailkharkwal@gmail.com>
"cool.ramnaik@rediffmail.com" <cool.ramnaik@rediffmail.com>
"Manan Paul" <mananpaul@gmail.com>
"shiju_krishna2000@yahoo.com" <shiju_krishna2000@yahoo.com>
srawan kumar" <tidefence@rediffmail.com>
vincent.rehoboth@gmail.com leodavidr@gmail.com

"bedanta bora" <kingbooker89@gmail.com>

Some worldwide forum to put your case, know more such cases, exchange your problems, join community of affected people to seek legal and technical solutions. You are not ALONE!! 


  1. I am also facing same problem.

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