Sunday, 19 February 2012

Remote Neural Monitoring : Practical Experience on Capability

It is important to note features of technology which secretive group has developed.

Such technology can
-Detect brain electo magnetic field remotely
-Identify uniqueness of individual brain signature, just like fingureprint.
-Can decode brain wave received remotely into exact subject voice, images
-Can modulate and send signals remotely in forms of voice  in audio cortex bypassing ear and  images in visual cortex bypassing eyes and optical nerve
-Send pulse signal in motor cortex
-Send signals to thousands of people simultaneously (large location coverage based on practical experience)
-Operate in wide geography (experienced in four indian cities and one city in saudi arabia, also signals getting tracked in flight from saudi arabia to india at 32,000 ft and over the sea ...amazing)
-Detect signal associated with thought before it comes to conscious mind (in practice know what you will think before you yourself know...just amazing)
-3D sound effect, technology can make it appear that sound is coming from a source. Many time it is done from TV speaker. In some cases, it made it appear coming from five blocks away.
-It can identify in 3D structural feature around the subject and make it appear that sound is coming from particular wall. (Does this mean that RNM uses a carrier signal around the subject and brain reading & voice in head are modulated on the carrier signal?)
-It can determine position in 3 dimension, that is not only on earth surface but in air in aeroplane and on different floor in building. (If GPS trakcing analogy is applied, it means four satellites are used for tracking individual)
-The software graphics has 3 D feature where it provides lreal time ocation of target around walls & roofs.

If I also include one similarly affected Soleilmavis experience then it says the technology reached her- "In every country, anywhere: inside the house, under ground, inside an airplane, on a ship, under water, inside a car, on the top of a mountain….”

Still, as satellites signals are not that effective in polar region, does RNM be ineffective in this region?

In Remote Neural Monitoring Technology cases, the moment & location where RNM Operator locked on you to follow you is very important, if you would have not been there at that moment and location, there in all probability you would not have entered into a loop which last for many years of life and saved yourself from all trouble RNM Operator and RNM Technology can cause to you.

Universal Human Brain Language
Based on the experience of being under RNM, I hypothesize that at least three of human brain cortex thought center, audio cortex and motor cortex has same mechanism of communication for all human beings. This is despite each of this cortex having distinct resonance frequency for different human.

The above hypothesis is based on the fact that RNM communicates with these three cortex without being trained for individuals, the way RNM instantaneously reads thought, send voice to skull and sends signal in motor cortex for stimulating body muscles.

I have been subjected to situations where my brain reading is communicated as voice in skull to surrounding people. This situation is set up in different Indian state, different countries instantaneously with people speaking different languages.

Based on other peoples experience in similar situation, it can be true for visual cortex also.

This is important understanding given that current effort to read brain is based on training but RNM works without training.

RNM is just superb technically. RNM research team would have been a brilliant team.

Worst part is that this is not being used to give voice to dumb or someone who lost speech due to medical illness or give sound to deaf etc.

Open literature work is no where close to this.

I hope this exchange get you thinking and see how we can work to get benefit of knowledge of such brain features to those who need in society and develop procedures for prevention where it is used in negative way.

RNM 3D Sound effect - voice in skull is made to appear coming from TV or roof. RNM can figure out structure layout around subject like walls & roofs


  1. I too am suffering from the side effects of rnm for the past several months.This devilish technology has caused me severe mental and emotional distress and harassment.

    1. All answers at shanwa7575 at gmail dot com

  2. what to do to get rid of this

    1. All answers at shanwa7575 at gmail dot com

  3. Can you please tell me that how to prove one is targeted via this technology scientifically?

  4. Can you please tell me that how to prove one is targeted via this technology scientifically?