Saturday, 30 June 2012

Open Letter/Appeal to Remote Neural Monitoring Technolgy Vendor and Whistleblowers

Open Letter/Appeal to Remote Neural Monitoring Technolgy Vendor
The Remote Neural Monitoring Technology is amazingly sophisticated and advanced compared to current level of open work in this area. However, its use is not effectively utilised for social good.

At some point in time the RNM Technology team would have taken medical help and/or will take in future in old age, this benefit comes to you because of  technology work which is being shared for benefit of society.

RNM Technology & Management team should seriously consider realigning their work for social good and forgo ill use.

The technology can read brain but what is much benefit if used on person who can speak. There are many people on earth whose thought center is good but can not speak. If this technology is used for them then it improves their quality of life.

Same thing applies in sending voice in skull. What much benefit is there in sending voice in head of person who can listen from his his ear. There are many deaf people on earth. If this technology is used for them then it improves their quality of life.

Mankind has come through millions of year of evaluation and we are in rare position to create environment around us which is most suitable to us. Our effort should be to imporve quality of life not create bad environment.

There is market for scaled down version of the technology features which RNM has. IBM is reaserching in brain reading and predicts to be able to do in next 5 years. There are many organisation spending money to get this capability. You can discuss with them and provide scaled down version of the RNM software.(The full version is just too sophisticated for social use). There are many more parties who are interested in it.

Please reconsider your business strategy and come in main social stream which is going good due to good work of many people. And without doubt you have benefited from that. Now, it is your turn to contribute to society in positive way.

Open Letter/Appeal to Remote Neural Monitoring Techology Whistleblowers 


Whistle blower are important in this war against silent terrorim which leaves no evidence due to nature of electronics. Emotional plea is made to people working in such organization that how they can stay in high tech jobs the purpose of which is silent decades long tourture programs of innocent and community is calling them to whistleblow and end this virtual torture camps.

The award is "King of USA Whistleblower Award" and we will use our network to give you name under sun. This title will be conferred on those who come out with with substantial material evidence leading to closure of virtual torture camp based on such technologies. While psychologist working on such project who are engaged in making psych ops procedure and training new operators can be emotionally hardened software professionals and contractors and subcontractors, electronics engineer and satellite engineer might be missing pulse when they see pain in private part or head for example in their day to day work. We ask you not to miss that pulse and build on that. While there has been whistleblowing act in NSA, there has not be whistleblowing from military technology suppliers and technology supplier and you can make substantial difference to close virtual torture camp equal in act of terrorism based on such covert technologies.

People knowledgeable about Remote Neural Monitoring are encouraged to pose as future RNM Operator and get inside RNM Technology Provider/Operator Team and get details of Technology and Operations. You will also be entitled to King of USA Whistleblowing Award.

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